Baptisms(also refered to as a christening) and services of Thanksgivings - Baptism and Thanksgiving enquiries are made locally. Our Baptisms preparation meetings are  provided in partnership with the other Churches in the Central Telford Parish at the end of the three evenings your baptism date can be arranged . If you attend one of our regular services or social events you can meet the people can provide you with the informationyou need  pack . It is also  good way to become familar with church and the style of worship .
Please telephone Mary Richards on 01952 613653 if you have any questions 
Baptism and Confirmation can happen at any age so if you have an older child or have not been baptised yourself -it is never too late . If you would like to learn about Baptism in the Church of England visit the Church of England web site -  by following the Life Events and Baptism tabs.  Also there is a new web site which answers the most commonly asked questions about baptism, it is worthwhile a visit to the web site